HCG Diet for Weight Loss

hcg_weight_lossIf you are craving to shed those extra pounds the easy way, then HCG ingredients and diets might be your only solution to achieving that goal. HCG diet protocol was developed by Dr. Albert Simeons in 1954. He discovered that the administration of HCG with a combination of a low calorie diet would not only improve the body’s metabolism but also lead to a moderate reduction of weight. HCG  works by removing excessive fats in the body as the caloric diet prevents your body from starving during the administration period of HCG diets.

To get the best out of your HCG weight loss therapy, you need to follow the below instructions:

1. Restrict yourself to a maximum of 500 calories per day and don’t exceed it no matter what. The HCG diet protocol helps in reducing appetite and it works well provided you follow all the procedures. In most cases, you won’t even feel hungry and have no appetite for junk food and fatty foods that you loved before.

2. Keep the HCG drops or injections in safe place away from contamination. It is important to refrigerate them especially when are not using them.

3. It is important to prepare meals in advance. Ready made HCG diet meals will help you from being tempted to eat other foods due to cravings which might lead to a significant increase in your weight instead of burning your extra fats.

4. Don’t overlook the benefits of seasoning. By taking advantage of the ability to use various seasoning options when you are under the HCG diet calorie restrictions, the provision of various tastes will help you to beat boredom caused by the limited amount of food you are allowed to eat. You’d be surprised of the wonders and different meals you can prepare from those veggies when you use different seasoning and preparation methods.

5. It is time to consume a lot of water. It is recommended that you take at least 65 ounces (6 glasses) of water on a daily basis. This will help you to overcome the urge to eat and provide the required energy to your body.

6. Only use HCG diets that are recommended specially for you by a licensed physician. Don’t fall for the unreliable online scams that will claim to be sold by HCG experts. Most of these online HCG dealers cannot be verified whether they are genuine or not and it is therefore paramount to only rely on a verifiable dealer.

HCG Administration For Weight Loss

hcgThere is a serious search for a weight loss solutions, especially now that there are so many cases of obesity in both adults and young people. This high rate of obesity cases has been largely attributed to our present lifestyles and poor eating habits. An effective and efficient weight loss solution will definitely be needed to come to the rescue of many people who crave to shed extra pounds from their bodies in the sake of their good health. Having tried so many weight loss solutions without any significant effects, many people are more than frustrated and have given up to shed off their extra weights. However, HCG diet drops and injections for weight loss have brought back the hope for many people who want to lose weight.

HCG treatment is an efficient way to reduce the excess fats in your body and in theory, the HCG ingredients are hormones that are supposed to utilize the fats in your body to propel your body during the period you are administering a low calorie diet. HCG use suppresses hunger pangs  triggering the body use fat to function. This means that your body no longer needs food to get its nutrients and energy, instead it will take the fats that you have stored over the years and will turn it into energy. You won’t feel hungry and you can stay active without feeling tired during the entire course of the HCG diet.

The HCG dieter is supposed to restrict himself or herself to a maximum of 500 calories per day by taking foods which are mostly organic and stay away from processed foods. These diets are supposed to be taken along with HCG tongue drops or injections. If you follow this process every day for the next 45 days, you will definitely not only shed several pounds but also fix your metabolic rate which helps you to keep those extra pounds from coming back in the future as well.

Many nutritionists, doctors and weight loss experts have been claiming that HCG treatment can’t be trusted as an effective way to cut down weight on the argument that weight loss results from the use of very low calorie diet and not because of HCG. Still, most people who are on this diet claim that HCG makes them less hungry and helps them to stay on track with their diet.

However, for a person who wants to lose weight, the most important thing is not what happened in your body for you to remove the excess fats but the fact that you reduced your weight to the desired level. So for them, it doesn’t really matter whether they lost weight because the HCG diet helped them burn their stored fats or because HCG suppressed their hunger and they managed to stay on a very low calorie diet, making them lose weight faster than ever. The truth is that there are so many weight loss success stories involving the HCG diet, that we just can’t dismiss it. Do some reading and consult your doctor if you think you are the right candidate for this diet. Let HCG treat this undesirable health condition.

HCG Ingredients, Use and Administration

hcg_dietThe homeopathic treatments have become very common and popular due to their effectiveness and outstanding advantages. Although these treatments take a long time to fully take effect, they amazing do their work with a great level of effectiveness and efficiency. This is the reason that most people prefer homeopathic treatments over other options. One of the common homeopathic medicines is HCG injections or drops.

HCG diet treatment has been used by infertile women to help them fertilize the ovaries; in boys who have delayed puberty; and HCG ingredients are also good when used to help overweight people shed off the extra pounds.

HCG drops or injection medications can be bought from various homeopathic drug provider stores and sometime online. It is not hard to find fake HCG medications from unscrupulous sellers who are out to take advantage of the health conditions of patients and it is therefore important to buy HCG drops from a licensed physician. The best way to make sure you are buying the right HCG drugs is to first visit your doctor and get advice on whether you really need to use HCG for your condition. This is especially important for beginners – there are lots of things to consider. The doctor will also advice you where to buy the HCG medication and the right dosage for you among other important tips.

For you to get the best results by using HCG drops or injections, you need to follow the general rules that apply in the use of HCG. For instance, if you want to cut down your weight, you have to use HCG and low calorie diets which will help you to cut down weight after a maximum period of 43 days. You need to be conversant with all the rules and instructions of using HCG by asking your physician to explain them to you. It’s not easy to be on the HCG diet, however it may be what saves you from diabetes and other overweight related problems, so if you are dangerously obese, consider going on this diet.

The proper use and administration of HCG will definitely give you the results you need within the HCG administration period.